Caldwell, NJ Hearing Aid Testimonial

I want to thank Keri Ruf and Kristy Madsen they were extremely helpful. They did all that anyone could expect from a good team. Now about the hearing aids, remote and the media Surf Link. The greatest things GOD could have given me. .I say GOD because he gave a group of people the brain to create something for the less fortunate ( as far as hearing is concerned).


I have a very time hearing and most of all understanding what people are saying. I really shouldn’t put it in the present tense. Now I hear WONDERFULLY and when my grandchildren talk I just turn up the volume on the remote and can hear them just fine. The same with the TV Surf Link. My husband alway wondered why I could never sit still during a show or movie, it was because I always felt left out because I couldn’t unerstand the words, and would become very bored. Even as a child listening to music I always felt left out because I couldn’t unerstand the words. I couldn’t sing along with the other children which made me very sad. Now I can and now I play the oldies and know the words and it’s great to sing along.


The last marvel is the caption call phone. So many times I just say I don’t understand what people want now I can just look at the words and feel strong about using the phone. I never did before. I cry tears of joy now and want to say THANKS again to all the people involved in creating this miracle. It is worth every penny to me.


Caldwell, NJ

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