Chris Lisko is an All American Hearing Hero!

On August 7th, our Appleton, Wisconsin office was hit by a tornado early in the morning. The damage to the office and surrounding street was significant. Road were closed down because power lines had been knocked down, glass was broken, our roof was gone, and nails were all over the road. Chris Lisko, our new AAH team member drove to the office that morning, because he had a patient who needed to get ear mold impressions. Upon arrival he discovered that our street had been barricaded. Chris managed to get past the barricades and made his way into our office. He spent his morning covering all of our equipment, to prevent it from getting water damage. Our morning EMI patient made his way through the rubble and found his way into our office, where Chris took care of him and his hearing needs (sans electrical power!). We wanted to give a shot out to Chris for his great efforts that day. Life is worth hearing, and Chris went out of his way to make sure that our patient was taken care of. Thanks, Chris and welcome to the team!

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