Clackamas Hearing Aid Testimonial

A quick note to thank you, once again, for all your help in my finding a new hearing aid.

I so appreciate your willingness to contact another business associate and keep my referral moving forward.

Dan has been great to work with.

I’ve had the new one since the beginning of July and, quite simply – it’s AMAZING!

I love the separate program modes and have had the opportunity to test them all out in various venues.

I purchased a wireless enabled model and the SurfLink gizmo for my TV.

The SurfLink thing is a game changer.
I’ve been able turn off the closed captioning. I also enjoy being able to walk around my small condo and still hear the TV.

I’ve been telling EVERYONE I know –  facebook, friends, church – that if they or anyone they know is in search of new hearing aids to look into those with wireless technology.
I’m your one-man-marching-band!


Thanks! Thanks!  Thanks!

Lori A.
Clackamas, OR

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