How to Clean Your Hearing Aids

With any big investment, it is important to take all necessary steps in order to keep the purchase well maintained. While the majority of your hearing aid maintenance should be done by your hearing care professional, there are several preventative measures you can take at home to keep them in quality condition.

Ear Wax Prevention: Ear wax is the most common cause for hearing aid repairs across the industry. There is both solid ear wax along with vapor that can travel deep into the hearing instrument. The vapor can become solid damaging critical components of your device. How can you prevent this from happening?

  • Clean your hearing aids every morning with a clean cloth, free of lotions, aloe, etc.
  • Do not wipe the microphone ports. These are fragile areas of the device that should be cleaned and repaired by a hearing professional.
  • Take care of your hearing aid tubing. When you purchase your hearing instruments you receive a tool to clean out the tubing. This should be done on a regular basis to prevent wax build up.

Water: Precipitation, condensation, and humidity can cause serious damage to your hearing instruments. Luckily, every Starkey HearCare hearing instrument is coated with a Surface Nanoshield and wax repellent to help repeal water, oil and debris. Remember to remove your hearing aid before showering, swimming, or entering any body of water. It is important to leave your hearing aid battery doors open at night to allow air to enter the device which preserves the battery life. If your hearing device is exposed to any degree of water, contact your hearing professional.

Avoid Physical Damage: Finally, remember that this is a life-changing device that should be well maintained. Always store them in a safe place away from pets, children or any form of danger. If damage is to occur, collect all parts and make an appointment with your hearing care provider.

Taking great care of your hearing instruments will prolong your device and give you the best results when worn!

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