Fort Lauderdale Hearing Aid Testimonial

Dear Dr. Heckroodt:


I want to thank you for being able to hear again. For many years my wife (who herself is an audiologist!) told me that she believed that I was suffering from hearing loss, particularly in the high pitch range. Her guess was that I had suffered nerve damage from rifle fire during my military service in the Korean Conflict. Dutifully, I went through hearing tests which confirmed that fact but was always told that there existed no hearing device that could remedy my particular problem. I was told the same by otolaryngolists. My wife was not convinced that these prognoses were accurate and scoured her resources to find a reputable, reliable provider. She found HearFlorida and made an appointment for me nearly two years ago.


It was my great fortune to meet and be evaluated by you. Mutually, we determined that I required top of the line Oticon hearing aids because my activities required me to lead group discussions and participate in other group activities that demanded that I hear clearly and accurately. Several sessions, in which my particular problems were “tweaked,” followed and I could not bear to be without my hearing aids now.


In addition, your lovely, kind and patient understanding of someone of my advanced age always made my visits a joy!
Please feel free to use these comments as a testimonial to you and to HearFlorida.


Martin Margulies



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