Giving back with Andrew Roth, HIS

The availability of hearing health care and hearing aids is very scarce in the world. The Starkey Hearing Foundation provides hearing aids to people around the world in need. People from all different parts of the globe come together to help provide this special gift. Without this group, many of these people would be left in a world of silence and would struggle to communicate with family and friends.

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This past October Andrew Roth, Hearing Instrument Specialist with Hear for You in Saratoga/Ballston Spa, NY, joined the Starkey Hearing Foundation on a hearing mission trip to Mexico. Roth and the Foundation started out in Tlaxcala, Mexico, and they fit 580 people with hearing aids on a Sunday. From Tlaxcala, Roth and the Starkey Hearing Foundation Team traveled to Toluca, Mexico, a city located 60 miles outside of Mexico City.

The landscape is very industrial and many of the people can not afford the cost of hearing aids or the care associated with hearing loss. The Foundation is able to help thousands in the course of a week and set up after care as well. About 500 people per day were fitted with hearing aids and many heard for the first time.

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It is a great feeling to help others in need who would otherwise have no other option. Coming back from these trips allows me to appreciate more what we take for granted here in the USA. We have a great country with a variety of resources, a luxury not shared by every region of the world.

It’s not just third-world countries that suffer from the dire need of better hearing, there are plenty of people in the USA that can not afford the gift of better hearing. Luckily if you can not afford a hearing aid here in the USA we have the Hear Now Program which provides aids through the Starkey Hearing Foundation. For more information on the Starkey Hearing Foundation or if you have any questions about these mission trips or the Hear Now Program in the USA, you can visit


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