I Am Ready For Hearing Aids

Congratulations on your decision to seek a solution to your hearing loss. We know it’s not easy to take that first step on the journey to better hearing, but just as there are many causes of hearing loss, so too are there a variety of hearing solutions available to suit your unique hearing loss profile.

We recommend starting with a free Hearing Consultation with an Starkey HearCare Professional. You can either call our office directly or schedule it yourself online.

During your consultation, an Starkey HearCare Professional will screen your hearing at critical speech frequencies and perform an otoscopic examination to rule out other causes of hearing loss, such as wax impaction or a medical condition requiring referral to a physician. Following the screening, we’ll review the treatment options available to you, including communication strategies, hearing aids or an assistive listening device.

If hearing aids are the best solution, your Starkey HearCare Professional will help you choose the devices that best fit your hearing loss, lifestyle, cosmetic needs and budget. Today’s sophisticated digital hearing aids can provide the sharpness and clarity necessary to maximize your lifestyle and significantly improve your quality of life.

Starkey HearCare Network clinics are uniquely poised to meet your every hearing care need. Our staff of Hearing Professionals are licensed, experienced, and very well trained. It’s our singular goal to offer our patients the highest level of service possible.

Trust your hearing to the professionals at the Starkey HearCare Network clinic nearest you.