Hearing Aid FAQ

How much is a hearing test?

The hearing evaluation is complimentary and includes a review of your symptoms, a visual examination of your ears, a full audiometric exam and a private hearing consultation to discuss the results and the treatment options available to you.


How much are your hearing aids?

Digital hearing aids start at $795 and increase in price based on the technology level and style of hearing aid. We do offer low monthly financing options for those who qualify.


What’s the difference between a discount hearing aid and a higher-end advanced technology model?

Simply put, higher-end technology is most beneficial in difficult and noisy listening environments. Your Starkey HearCare Professional will work with you to determine the level of technology required by your hearing loss and lifestyle.


How long does the warranty last on hearing aids?

Our hearing aids come standard with complete coverage. Warranties vary from one-year for entry-level digital instruments up to 3 years for higher end models.


How long does the battery last?

Battery life is dependent on several factors: type of hearing aid, battery size, and how long the hearing aid is worn each day. Battery life is typically 2 weeks when worn all day, every day. Some high power hearing aids may require a weekly battery change.


My hearing aids just aren’t providing the help they once did. What can I do?

Most modern digital hearing aids can be reprogrammed to accommodate changing hearing thresholds. Start by scheduling a hearing retest at an Starkey HearCare location nearest you. Our hearing professionals will make the necessary adjustments to get you back on track.


How long do hearing aids last?

Hearing aids will typically last anywhere from 3 to 5 years, depending on adherence to recommended daily cleaning practices. The regular use of a dry-aid kit to remove moisture from delicate, miniature circuits & components will significantly extend the life of your hearing aids.