Importance of Binaural Hearing Aids

In the simplest of terms, human hearing is binaural.

At the center of human hearing, your brain is the most powerful signal processor known to man. Taken all together, nothing amongst mankind’s wonderful inventions can hold a candle.

Yet, without two, fully-functioning binaural sound inputs on both the left and right sides of the head, this remarkable sound processor is left to guess. It’s the endless stream of sound waves from both ears, converted into electrical energy by the cochlea and interpreted by the brain that performs the vital sense we know as hearing.

This remarkable sound processor continually and instantaneously performs these processing tasks on a 24/7 basis:

  • Localization: Sounds in the environment are processed, located and assigned a perceptual marker in our immediate surroundings so we know exactly where a particular sound originated. Picture the necessity of early man’s dependence on knowing whether to fight or flight in response to a threat signal.
  • Speech Discrimination: Speech sounds are heard, separated, interpreted and understood, letting us concentrate on a single voice among many others
  • Instant Recall: Sounds are recognized and instantaneously connected with an endless archive of memories preserving the auditory cues necessary for the brain to process sounds and effectively identify, locate and where a sound or voice is located.
  • All together, an ingenious mix of physiology, psychology, instinct, and learned skill only your brain can provide.