Adjusting To Amplification

At Starkey HearCare, we’re focused primarily on recommending the most appropriate hearing aids for your lifestyle and budget. We also recognize the importance of helping you reconnect with the world around you once your hearing loss is identified and correction has been made.

During your initial hearing screening and consultation, your Starkey HearCare Professional will advise you of the best possible strategy to improve communication with family and friends, once you’re fitted with hearing aids. We’ll also help you learn important communication skills that will improve your quality of life in real world situations that may arise from time to time.

For new hearing aid wearers, we recommend a gradual transition to wearing your hearing aids. Your Hearing Professional will provide you with a daily schedule to follow as you become more and more accustomed to amplification.

Start with just a few hours per day in a quiet environment like your home and gradually build up to full-time use in all situations. If you experience any discomfort with the hearing aids in the ear, a product like Miracell may be recommended to make insertion easier. If problems persist, contact your hearing professional as a new earmold or shell may be required.

Be sure to make note of any hearing-related problems or concerns and bring these with you to your 30-day post-fitting appointment.

With diligent practice and patience, you’ll soon be able to anticipate situations where hearing may be more difficult and adjust accordingly.