Consequences of Untreated Hearing Loss

Millions of people suffer from hearing loss. It is likely obvious to all of us that this could cause communication frustrations at a minimum. What many of us don’t know or understand is that it is linked to other issues that are just as or even more concerning. Some of these issues are depression, social isolation, anxiety, and in some cases even paranoia. Even with these factors being issues, only 1 in 5 persons with a hearing loss seek treatment.

Another study from Kiehl in 2009 reports that untreated hearing loss has been associated with many problems including emotional, physical, social, cognitive, behavioral, as well as increased tension, irritability, and frustration and therefore many people with a hearing loss avoid social gatherings and situations all together.

The study states that those who pursued treatment for their hearing loss noted an improvement in the following areas: relations at home, sense of self worth, life in general, relations with children/grandchildren, mental health, self-confidence, sense of safety, social life, and relations at work.