Hearing Loss FAQ

What are the telltale signs of hearing loss?

If you’re experiencing hearing difficulty in any of the following situations, it’s time to seek help:

  • You experience difficulty hearing in social settings with more than one person in attendance.
  • You feel like people are mumbling in normal conversation.
  • You all too often ask others to repeat what they’ve said, especially women and children with high-pitched voices.
  • You require the TV volume to be increased to the point that it’s too loud for others in the room.
  • One or more of your family members or friends suggest it’s time to have your hearing tested.


My hearing isn’t that bad. Why should I seek help now?

Untreated hearing loss can have a number of negative impacts to your life, including the onset of auditory deprivation. The research concludes that auditory deprivation can cause speech-recognition thresholds to grow increasingly worse without amplification. The good news is that over time, speech discrimination can improve with regular hearing aid use.


Where can I go to have my hearing tested?

Starkey HearCare Network clinics set aside time each day to see new patients. We perform a thourough baseline hearing screening and otoscopic examination to determine the nature of your hearing loss. If a hearing loss is present, your Hearing Professionals will discuss the results and present you with their best recommendations for hearing help.
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How much is a hearing test?

The hearing screening and consultation appointment is complimentary, and includes a review of your symptoms, a visual examination of your ears, a baseline hearing screening and a private hearing consultation to discuss the results and the treatment options available to you.


Are hearing aids covered by my health insurance carrier?

Unfortunately, most insurance companies do not provide a hearing aid benefit to their members. As a benefit to our patients, we can assist you in contacting your insurance company to find out if a hearing aid benefit is available.