Improving Your Overall Physical Well-Being: Cutting Soda

By: Ryan Bucki

By now you are either sticking to your New Year’s resolution or you’ve abandoned it. Those of you that continue to forge the rough waters of accomplishing your New Year’s promise I want to extend a big congrats to you. Those of you who have fallen off the bandwagon know this, there is still hope.

I bet you’re asking yourself the following question, “Why is a hearing aid company writing a story about New Year’s resolutions?” My answer is simple: we are not just a hearing aid company. We are a wellness company. Our main goal as a company is for you, our patients, to live your lives to their fullest through improvement in your overall health. This includes your hearing health, but also includes your physical

The number one New Year’s resolution made every year is improvement to one’s physical well-being. This
should come as no surprise as people are living longer today than ever before and want to continue to live longer. A number of factors go into this: improvement in modern medicine, advances in technology, and the education of you, the patient. The more educated we become the smarter decisions we make which can lead to us living longer, healthier lives.

Many of you have already made a very educated decision, you purchased a set of our hearing devices to help improve your life. That’s a huge step in improving your overall health. For that, congratulations. My bet is that your New Year’s resolution most likely wasn’t to get a set of hearing devices.

As I mentioned earlier the number one resolutions is to improve your physical well being. More specifically it is to lose weight. This is not an easy task, especially as you being to age. At Starkey HearCare we want to provide you the information that you can use to improve your physical well being. So if you are still on the right path to accomplishing your New Year’s resolutions, awesome! If not, feel free to lean on us for advice.

sodaThis month I want to start with an item that I personally cut out of my own life. At the age of 14 I stepped on a scale and it read 220 pounds. This might be normal if I was a tall boy, but I wasn’t. I was on the shorter side living a very unhealthy life. People ask me all the time, what was the single most important thing I did to lose weight and to get into shape? It wasn’t working out. It wasn’t surgery. The single most important thing I did was cut soda from my diet.

According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest soda is a major factor leading the obesity epidemic in America. Pediatricians note that many of the overweight children they treat take in 1,000-2,000 calories per day just on soda alone. Research by Yale University shows that people who drink soft drinks regularly tend to be heavier than those who do not. [source:]

I can vouch for these research studies. In just one summer, 3-monhts, I lost 40 pounds. Sure, I tried to eat better but the diet I chose was more Subway, which now I find out isn’t as healthy as an option as their commercial tend to make you believe. I increased my water intake and made sure I drank at least eight cups of water per day. I went from drinking three to four cans of soda a day to zero. Cold turkey. The result: I lost 40 pounds.

So for those of you that fell off the bandwagon or gave up on your goal to improve your overall physical health through weight loss try giving up soda. That is all soda, regular, diet, or “zero.” Soda is soda. See the infographic below to see what a can of diet soda can do to your body in the first 60-minutes.



Cutting out soda does not require you to do anything other than saving money by not buying that 12-pack at the grocery store. By cutting soda you will save money while losing weight and feeling better. If you cannot make the full commitment to cutting out soda 100%, then start with reducing your intake. I know many of you did not jump up at the opportunity to buy a set of hearing devices to improve your hearing at first, but once you witnessed for yourselves what the power of hearing can do you knew you were making the right decision. The same can be said when it comes to soda.

This will be hard. It will be difficult, especially for those of you who rely on soda for your caffeine intake.  It takes dedication and determination.  You can do it.  It is ok to have a can of soda in your house (my wife enjoys a Coke every now and then) but eliminate the habit of grabbing one every time you open your refrigerator.

I wish you the best of luck in all of your goals and aspirations in 2016!

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