Littleton Colorado Hearing Aid Testimonial

Two years ago I started the search for hearing aids. My first visit was to my ENT’s office where they assured me they could help… after numerous visits and experimentation with a variety of hearing aid brands, I still was without a device that worked for me. I visited two more companies that carried well known brands, and was frustrated that, once again neither was able to provide me with the good hearing I hoped for.


A month later, I saw an ad in a newspaper for Hearite, and one was a location not far from my home. I called, made an appointment, and several days later met Joann Dunn. She amazed me with her patience, knowledge, and assurance that she would work with me until we found the perfect fit. She did just that, trying all possible types… sending me home to try them in restaurants, concert halls, movie theaters, sporting event and, yes, even in my own home in from of the television. Finally, I was ready to purchase what have become know as “My hearing Buds”. I love them! I can really hear again!


My young Grandson, who has a hearing loss from chemotherapy treatment, told me to “Get the pink ones Grandma, because you’re a girl!” He has blue ones! (I got bronze ones!)


Every day I thank my good fortune that I found Joann… I encourage my friends who have given up trying to find hearing aids that work, to call Joann, and try again… some have and have been as fortunate as I.


This letter is completely unsolicited. I asked Joann for your address because I want Hearite to know what a wonderful, caring and compassionate woman that she is… and I’m sure you already know that!


Mona C.
Centennial, CO


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