Live TV Audio Directly To Your Hearing Aids

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 8.13.28 AMStarkey HearCare is proud to announce that we have partnered with Tunity – a partner dedicated to better hearing – to allow live TV audio be to streamed directly to your Made for iPhone hearing aids!

With the Tunity mobile application (available in the App Store) you can use your iPhone to stream live TV audio to your Made for iPhone hearing devices.  You will enjoy crisp, clear audio even when you mute your TV!

How It Works

  • SCAN: Tunity supports 100 channels currently. You would scan your TV with your Tunity mobile application and the application will identify what channel you are watching (how cool is that!?)
  • STREAM: Once your Tunity mobile application determines your channel the application will sync and stream the live audio directly to your Made for iPhone hearing aids.
  • LISTEN: You can now enjoy your favorite channels in real time with clear, pristine sound!

Starkey HearCare Network Made for iPhone Hearing Aids
Starkey HearCare: Honor
Audibel: A4i
MicroTech: kinnect2
Starkey: Halo 2

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