Overcoming Your Questions and Concerns

By: Dr. Mindy Staller, Au.D.
Doctor of Audiology

As someone who hears many concerns about hearing aids on a daily basis, it is important to know that you are not alone. Many patients with hearing loss have the same concerns that you do! Many of your concerns about hearing aids are similar from patient to patient regardless of gender, age, geographical location or degree of hearing loss.  As hearing health care professionals, it is our job to alleviate your concerns so you can experience the benefits of better hearing and begin your journey.

If any of these sound familiar, we can help you!

  1. Hearing aids are too expensive/ I can’t afford them…Money
    While cost is a factor for many people it is important that you understand that the purchase of hearing aids is an investment; an investment in yourself, your family and in a better quality of life. At our office(s), you will discover what is included with the total price or package.  You will be provided with a full explanation as to what is included because it is not just about the hearing aid! You will receive information about warranties, service, batteries, maintenance visits, financing options and the various technology levels that can meet your budget along with your hearing needs.
  2. I am not ready to try…
    You may think or perhaps even already know that there is an existing issue with your hearing, but you may feel you are not ready to take the next step. Once you are diagnosed with a hearing loss it does not immediately mean you are ready to jump into a life with hearing aids. The process of coping with hearing loss may take days, weeks or in some extreme cases years. In our offices, our providers are compassionate, understanding, and will answer all your questions. Your hearing exam results will be reviewed with you, along with the outcomes of not addressing a hearing loss (auditory deprivation).  Be prepared to discuss your “why” for coming in for your hearing exam. For some individuals, that “why” can include family members noticing you are not socializing as much, the television is too loud, or noticing your refusal to talk on the telephone. Perhaps colleagues are noticing they need to repeat themselves so you can hear them, or maybe your doctor noticed you are struggling to hear at your annual visit. Your “why” is what makes you special!
  3. I need to talk to my family…
    During your initial visit, you will receive a lot of information about the results and cost involved. Many people find it hard to make decisions without consulting loved ones. It is most helpful if you bring a friend or loved one with you! A great deal of information will be provided, and sometimes, that information will be difficult to recall when you need to. Your time is precious and we understand that. By bringing someone with you we can save you time and you can begin your life with better hearing sooner.
  4. I don’t have a problem/I hear fine/my hearing is not that bad…
    Your results will be reviewed in a manner that is easy for you to understand. You will be counseled on “auditory deprivation” and the benefits of amplification. Many providers will do what they consider an extension of the exam, called THE DEMO. We can show you what better hearing will be like by doing a comparison with and without hearing aids. By doing this, you can see what conversation sounds like in a quiet environment and you can apply that sound quality to your daily life.
  5. Hearing aids are ugly…Starkey-Soundlens-IIC
    Hearing aids have changed over the years and there are many size options. Your provider will have examples of various styles in the office to show you so you can feel them and touch them. When the demo hearing aid is on your ears, ask your provider to take a picture of what it looks like so you can see it! We have iPads and phones in our offices to do this for you. You will be amazed at how invisible and inconspicuous the hearing aids really are. Sometimes different colors are even available!
  6. I’m too young/ I’m too old or something is wrong with me…
    Hearing loss does not discriminate, it has no age limit.  Hearing loss can occur from a variety of sources (noise, genetics, presbycusis, illness, medications, etc.)  In most cases, you did not cause the hearing loss. By asking people to repeat themselves, holding your hand to your ear, or mistaking what a person is saying for another word altogether, you may look and feel older than you actually are! Hearing better can actually make you seem younger! Hearing better can enhance your social skills and cognition. Cognition/memory stimulation studies show the use of hearing amplification can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia.
  7. Hearing aids don’t work/everyone I know hates their hearing aids…
    Many patients hear the negatives about hearing aids and amplification much more than they hear anything positive. No two patients are the same. Everyone’s hearing loss is different and this is what makes what we do both an art and a science. Ask your provider for testimonials from patients, articles on successful hearing aid fittings and research information (white papers).  Let your provider demonstrate what better hearing sounds like while you are there in the office.
  8. I’m scared…
    It is ok and natural to be scared, but hearing better will enhance your communication skills and overall quality of life. You are entitled to a trial or satisfaction period with the hearing aids. This allows you to wear them in your natural environments to determine their benefit. You and your provider are a team and together you will navigate through this journey to better hearing with as much support as you need.
  9. They are too much hassle…
    Hearing aids and their upkeep can be easy and hassle free. Your provider will show you how to maintain the hearing aids as well as give you a printout with written instructions if needed. You will be seen every few months after your trial period for professional maintenance on the hearing aids. Your hearing aids will be connected to our computers because the hearing aids will tell us if any adjustments need to be made. At your follow up visits, you will receive all the supplies necessary to make maintenance easy! The hearing aids will be programmed to be as automatic as possible to make your life easy.
  10. I need to shop…MEV98015
    Many patients feel gathering information and comparison shopping is an important part of the process in purchasing hearing aids. Often times that can create more confusion and can hinder your ability to make a decision. Be honest with your provider and let them know if you are shopping for price, comfort, belief in the provider, or best technology. Your provider can help you make sure you are comparing like products and service packages. Our offices will be honest with you and answer your questions as openly as possible. We will give you the information you need to help you make the best decision possible.

Remember that your concerns are common and normal. At our office(s), we pride ourselves on giving you the best experience possible. We believe that honesty, sincerity and knowledge are our biggest assets in helping our patients achieve better hearing and we would love the opportunity to guide you on your journey.

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