Seattle Seahawks Superbowl Champion, Derrick Coleman, On Life as a Deaf NFL Player

Deaf since childhood, Derrick Coleman is the NFL’s first legally deaf offensive player, making up only one of three hearing impaired players to reach the National Football League.

Derrick has been wearing hearing aids since the age of four and accredits much of his success to his parents, who did not allow him to be victimized or make excuses, but instead to work harder than everyone else to achieve his goals.

Derrick did just that—he received a football scholarship to UCLA, and was later spotted by Pete Carroll, the Seattle Seahawks head coach.

Derrick is currently a fullback for the Seahawks and the first legally deaf Super Bowl Champion.

Committed to giving back to the community, he helped the Starkey Hearing Foundation fit those in need with hearing aids before the 2013 Super Bowl.

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