Springfield Missouri Hearing Aid Testimonial

I would like to take a minute to write a note about the people at Audiology and Hearing Center.


I am a mother of a young, professional, college-student daughter that happens to be hearing impaired. She has worn hearing aids since she was about 5 years old, and has had three pairs prior to the ones she just got at AHC. Not one time has she been more pleased with them. She has had an audiologist and an Ear Nose and Throat doctor the entire time; however she never had Joseph Wilson, Louise, and the wonderful people that work at and are affiliated with this business. She was at the point where she no longer wanted to wear her hearing aids and had just decided to be hearing impaired. Mr. Joseph Wilson has gone so far out of his way taking care of her that it is both unexpected and so much appreciated. At a time when it’s all about insurance companies, price, and just being a name on a piece of paper, it is not that way with AHC. We feel as though they completely care about our daughter and her future, and care about us as people and friends. I honestly felt like when they fitted her with her new hearing aids, that they felt as rewarded as she did. Had it not been for Mr. Wilson, the people at this office, those that lead her to them and our Father above she would not have these wonderful, brand new, top of the line hearing aids, and the care that we know she is going to continue to receive from them.


Mrs. L.
Springfield, MO


Check out this office here: https://starkeyhearcare.com/hearing-aids/audiology-and-hearing-center-springfield/

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