Springfield Missouri Hearing Aid Testimonial

Switching over to Audiology & Hearing Center of Springfield, Missouri is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The experience I had is one I will never forget. As an Elementary Education major at Evangel University, I knew I needed a pair of aids to help me succeed in college and as a teacher when I graduate. Luckily, my department chair recommended a dear friend, Joseph Wilson, at Audiology & Hearing Center. I decided that this practice was best for me and I switched over from a well-known hospital practice.


With the assistance of Joseph Wilson and the team at Audiology & Hearing Center, I now have an amazing new pair of hearing aids. The hearing aids, Audibel Range Platinum, hands-down, are the best. Immediately during fitting, I picked up on sounds I have never noticed before. I have always known that things like birds and soft rain make their own particular sounds but I have never heard them myself until now. Hearing the smacking of Mr. Wilson’s hands, the soft tapping of rain, and picking up on hard-to-hear phonetics is amazing. The one sound that really surprised me was the crystal-clear sounds of birds chirping, and what a beautiful sound that is!


I am so amazed by the sounds I notice with my new pair of hearing aids. There are no words to describe how thankful I am for all of the hard work Joseph Wilson and the Audiology & Hearing Center have dedicated to assisting me. I am truly blessed for my new hearing aids. I know that Joseph Wilson and Audiology & Hearing Center has played a huge part in helping me shape a successful future.


Casey L.
Springfield, MO


Find out more about this office here: https://starkeyhearcare.com/hearing-aids/audiology-and-hearing-center-springfield/

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