Starkey Hearing Technologies Joins Forces with Bragi, Transforming Hearable and Wearable Technology to New Heights

It was recently announced at the 2016 Starkey Hearing Technologies’ Hearing Innovation Expo that theBragi company has recently joined forces with Bragi, to revolutionize the hearing aid industry by transforming hearable and wearable technology.

Starkey’s partnership with Bragi will transform the way that customers will be able to manage their health, enjoy music and entertainment, and allow people to communicate and enhance their abilities with one another. Click here to watch a video of Bragi’s new product, The Dash.

Starkey also recently announced that Satjiv S. Chahil, a Silicon Valley based Marketing Pioneer, is set to work with the company to develop market strategies in order to expand Starkey’s position as the global leader in both hearable and wearable technology.

Starkey and Bragi plan to take hearables and wearables to new heights. “As hearing pioneers and tech design innovators, Starkey is thrilled to be working with Bragi to revolutionize the hearing aid industry and bring new technology and consumers to our hearing professionals” said Chris McCormick, Starkey’s Chief Marketing Officer.

While Bragi has the power of innovative yet discrete technology, Starkey has the knowledge of audio processing and sound perception. Together both companies will transform the world of hearable and wearable technology in 2016 and beyond.



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