Starkey Heroes

20 Dec 2012
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Randy Massey is an AAH Hero!

“I just wanted to share with you, we had a patient come in about 2 weeks ago, Randy was going to test her but after he looked in her ears with the video otoscope, he told her that her ears were impacted and he saw “something else going on too”. She had stated that along time ago she had a tumor in her ear, and that it had been removed, he told her that she needed to get to her primary care doctor to look at her ears. So Friday she came in crying, she stated that if it was not for Randy sending her to the doctor that she would not have known that it had come back, she was advised that the finding was bad, was a large health risk, but good that it was caught when it was.”

10 Dec 2012

Heroes For Our Troops

Thank you to American Hearing for your support in providing my nephew’s entire unit, stationed in Afghanistan, with Christmas packages. Instead of exchanging gifts this year, the members of my family bought gifts for the 36 members of A Troop 2-17 Cavalry out of Ft Campbell KY, 34 men & 2 women. They are a combat helicopter unit & my nephew, Frank, is a Warrant Officer/pilot. We got together this weekend & packed 36 packages with snacks, holiday decorations, notes from home, DVDs, books, magazines, & all kinds of fun treats. My brother just retired as a General & another nephew receives his commission as a 2nd Lieutenant this coming Sat, so as a family, we are very proud of our service men & women. Thanks for being a part of helping us show them how much we appreciate their service.

19 Nov 2012
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Brian Knox is the AAH Hero of the Week!

We would like to recognize Brian Knox this week, for being an Starkey HearCare Hero. Brian had a elderly patient who came in and began to choke after swallowing water. After a couple minutes of giving her time to catch her breath and monitoring her, he quickly realized that she was not improving. In fact her lips started to turn blue. The patient’s caregiver began to panic when the patient couldn’t breath. But not Brian. Being certified in CPR, he jumped into action and gave her the Heimlich maneuver! She quickly regained her color and was breathing fine. The next day she called the office to thank him not only for the good hearing healthcare … but for saving her life!

13 Nov 2012
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Dan Baggott is the AAH Hero of the Week

We would like to recognize Dan Baggott as an Starkey HearCare Hero this week. Dan just conducted a very productive regional meeting with the entire Albany, NY team of Providers and Patient Service Coordinators. The meeting had a purpose- to define the current state of affairs, set future goals and identify the steps needed to achieve. Dan led a team brainstorming activity designed to get input from everyone as to how they would collectively whorl together to succeed.


Thanks go to Dan Baggott for his leadership and team focus.

2 Nov 2012
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AAH Heroes – Keri Ruff

“This is so easy as the commitment level in PENTA Wayne goes above and beyond and I am proud of it.  Kristy Madsen’s loyalty to her job and our patients cannot be put into words.  This storm we suffered brought a great deal of stress and emotions out.  Kristy lost the siding on her house, her deck crumbled, and her basement flooded in the first house her and her husband purchased less than a year ago.  Due to the high volume and expectations of our patients ( created by us of course), Kristy has had the phones forwarded to her personal line since Monday morning.  While dealing with personal damage and loss, no power, and the inability of getting out of her town safely, she insisted on taking calls for patients and this is continuing as I write.   Along with great customer service she is also at home busting out handwritten envelopes for our massive  retention work we are doing for the remainder of 2012.   Today I offered to take the phones and she refused to let me knowing I was out doing in homes for patients on trial.  She did not want me driving around and worrying about the phone.  Teamwork is the key to success and I can say that Kristy, without hesitation stepped up to the plate and the outcome had been amazing.


I have spoken to a number of patients who just purchased new hearing aids and have been waiting for delivery and the comment I received numerous times was how nice it was to actually speak to a person during such an unpredictable time. I would like to personally thank Kristy, as well as, support her and her husband, Eric, as much as I can during such a devastating event.


Just to add another emotional and sincere thank you from both Kristy and I to Joy, our buddies Shelley and Danielle, as well as, the entire AAH team and family.  What a great feeling to know that we have such a strong support system.  And way to go to all the AAH NE offices”. (Keri Ruff)

2 Nov 2012
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All American Hearing Heroes

Every single provider and patient service coordinator in the North East is a hearing hero. I have never seen such an intensely dedicated group of professionals who are so committed to helping others hear. I want to thank each and every one of our Starkey HearCare team for their commitment and help this week. New Jersey, Connecticut, Philadelphia, Long Island, and Albany all helped prepare each of our offices for the hurricane- coming in early on Monday to make sure our electronics were off the floor and pushed to the middle of the rooms. Dawn VonBargen-Weiner in Long Island braved the roads to check on Islip and Rockville Center offices yesterday. Keri Ruff in New Jersey had the local sheriff drive her in to the Wayne office this morning to check on our office. Keri then braved the roads to make house calls for several of her new patients. Kristy Madsen in New Jersey was answering phones to help patients, even though her power was out. Peter Ryan in Philadelphia was up early driving through water logged roads to make sure all the Philadelphia offices were intact and ready to go for patients. Dan Baggott’s group in Albany stayed in their offices until they were forced to go home. Shannon Gibbons and her group was in each of the offices until the power went out and they were forced to go home- and they were right back in the offices first thing in the morning.


Many of our employees sustained personal hardships this week, including water damage to their homes and cars. Despite all of this, they put on a brave face and got back into the offices as soon as possible. It is clear that they believe in better hearing and the power of helping our patients.


Special thoughts and prayers go out to the Prezioso’s and Lisa Rossi in Long Island. They were hit especially hard by Sandy, had to evacuate their homes and watch their cars float away.