30 Nov 2015
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Congratulations to Yareck’s Better Hearing-Belle Vernon!


Starkey HearCare would like to congratulate John Hudock, Bob Messer, Erin Kampert, and Karen Kalke of Yareck’s Better Hearing-Belle Vernon on winning the award for best hearing care center in their community!

Yareck’s Better Hearing Centers have been providing comprehensive, highly personalized hearing care since 1955. The office is committed to going the extra mile in order to make sure their patients are informed and confident in the care they receive. They have been serving the Mon Valley for over 55 years. If you would like to schedule an appointment at this award-winning office, click here.

5 May 2014

Goodyear AZ Hearing Aid Testimonial

Dear Lynn,

Thank you for helping me by improving my hearing experience.

As a former Marine I value experience and personal service. You delivered on both accounts.

When I met with you I was wearing my second set of hearing aids and came to you for a check-up since my aids weren’t giving me the clarity I needed to understand conversations when in a group. You spent time doing a full check-up and was able to suggest a different hearing aid that I found worked better than the other two I had used previously. Also, the streaming device for TV listening was a big success and made my TV listening much improved.

All in all, your personal service and attention to detail has improve my quality of life. I thank you and will recommend others to you who are interested in a better hearing experience.

Best regards,
Lee P.

11 Mar 2014
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Hear Again Centers Hearing Aid Testimonial

Hear Again Centers,


I can not begin to express my sincere gratitude to you for purchasing these hearing aids for me, a stranger who you have never met. I have lived for decades not being able to hear sounds, tv, conversations, etc. What you have done for me is a miracle. Nobody has to repeat themselves and I don’t have to say “what?”. I have never received a gift like this ever. I am so grateful to you, you have no idea and without you I would not be in the position I am now. I will treasure these aids and your gift forever. Why you chose me, I have no idea, but happy you did. I feel like a new person.


As far as Doctor Susan Katsoulis and her staff who bent over backwards to help me and being so kind and patient with me, I could not thank them enough. They are great people. I will not go to anyone else. Again, I could never repay you for this gift. Being on disability with a small income, I could never do this on my own. You are great people with compassion and heart. I will not let you down.


Thank you, thank you, thanks you.


Mitchell M.
Stafford Springs, CT

4 Mar 2014
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Tucson Hearing Aid Testimonial

About a year and a half ago I switched to a Soundpoint audiologist named Cynthia Bergen at 310 n. Wilmot Rd., Suite 210, in Tucson, AZ 85711. I hope you realize what a gem you have.


She is intelligent, articulate, well-trained; and thoroughly professional. I have been very satisfied with her care; and I thought it was only right that I share this with you.


Arthur R., M.D.

24 Jan 2014
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Wayne New Jersey Hearing Aid Testimonial

Sixteen months ago, Keri Ruf of the PENTA Hearing Care office in Wayne, NJ, helped my then 91 year old mother to regain her hearing. We would say that Keri gave Mom a new set of “ears”. They have performed flawlessly and were not difficult for a 91 year old to use. Mom liked the remote control that adjusted both the volume and the equalizer settings, but she especially liked the wireless television link. It allowed her to hear all the TV sounds and clearly understand what was being said. If I boosted the broadcast range a bit, she could even listen in the other rooms of the house.


I’m sorry to say that my mother passed away just before this past Christmas, but I am very happy to say that we were able to let her hear the rich sounds of life with her new “ears” for a little while longer.


Yours Truly

Chris S.
Wayne, New Jersey

16 Aug 2013
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Clackamas Hearing Aid Testimonial

A quick note to thank you, once again, for all your help in my finding a new hearing aid.

I so appreciate your willingness to contact another business associate and keep my referral moving forward.

Dan has been great to work with.

I’ve had the new one since the beginning of July and, quite simply – it’s AMAZING!

I love the separate program modes and have had the opportunity to test them all out in various venues.

I purchased a wireless enabled model and the SurfLink gizmo for my TV.

The SurfLink thing is a game changer.
I’ve been able turn off the closed captioning. I also enjoy being able to walk around my small condo and still hear the TV.

I’ve been telling EVERYONE I know –  facebook, friends, church – that if they or anyone they know is in search of new hearing aids to look into those with wireless technology.
I’m your one-man-marching-band!


Thanks! Thanks!  Thanks!

Lori A.
Clackamas, OR

6 May 2013
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Pembroke Pines Hearing Aid Testimonial

Dear Mr. Longtain,


You are to be complimented on the high quality of staff in your employ.


I am specifically referring to Jennifer Pound – audiologist extraordinaire.


I recently had occasion to visit your Pembroke Pines office with a problem concerning my hearing aids.  Jennifer delivered on all the promises she made to me about remedying the situation.


Kindly thank her for the excellent service she provided to me.


Kevin C.


P.S. A shout out to Jessica for patiently listening when I called.

26 Apr 2013
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Casa Grande Hearing Aid Testimonial

Here is a wonderful testimonial from a patient of ours in Casa Grande, AZ.  Visit the office today:


“I didn’t know my life would change when I walked into Soundpoint Audiology in Casa Grande, AZ a few months ago. It’s one of the best things I ever did for myself. At the time I was scared, incredibly emotional and depressed over my hearing loss. I was foolishly in denial about my hearing loss for quite some time and convinced these things don’t happen to young people in their 30s!


The hearing exam I was given was incredibly thorough and state of the art. Dr. Shepel made me feel at ease, he really took the time to explain my condition and options in terms I could easily understand and answered about a million questions I had. He is one of the most compassionate and caring health care providers I’ve ever encountered. If it hadn’t been for the time, education and care I received in his office that day, I never would have found the courage to do something about my hearing loss. He is always accessible to his patients to answer questions, address concerns or schedule followup visits that work around your schedule. The office coordinator, Jennifer is absolutely lovely. She’s always professional and very pleasant to deal with.


My life has changed dramatically since my first appointment. My new hearing aids have allowed me to experience life in a way I hadn’t been able to do so in years. I used to always hide ‘in the shadows’ at social functions and at work because I was embarrassed and afraid people would find out I couldn’t hear well. Those days are gone! I’m much more confident in my personal and professional life as a result of finally being able to hear much better than before. All of the stress, depression and anxiety related to the hearing loss I struggled with for so long is a thing of the past. It’s amazing how something as small and virtually undetectable as my hearing aids has turned my life around. I’m happy and grateful beyond words.


Thank you Dr.Shepel and SoundPoint Audiology!


With warm regards,
Cynthia C”