7 Jan 2013
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Montrose Colorado Hearing Aid Testimonial

I just wanted to say how much we appreciated Mandy at New Creation Hearing. She has been very helpful, and patient, taking time to make sure she does the best possible job for me. I really enjoy her compassionate and caring spirit. Since I started on this journey of hearing aids I have seen all kinds of technicians some caring and some not and you by ar stand out above the crowd.


Thank you,
Dave D.
Montrose, CO

5 Dec 2012
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Totowa, NJ Hearing Aid Testimonial

To Whom It May Concern –


I would like to commend the work of Keri Ruf of Penta Hearing Care in Wayne, NJ for her untiring efforts on my behalf. She has consistently shown determination, interest, and expertise in her pursuit of aidingmy difficult reverse-slope hearing impairment. I shall continue to work with her in my endeavor to hear. She is deservant of much praise for her dedication.


Yours Truly,


Dolores S.
Totowa, NJ

27 Nov 2012
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Hemet, CA Hearing Aid Testimonial

My husband can hear me now. Not always a good thing!


He tells me he hears things he hasn’t heard before. Like water dripping or the clock ticking. Outside he can hear the birds.


It is so nice to be in the car wiith him now. The radio is on low and we can talk.


He is so much easier to get along with-no more yelling. I wish he hd gotten this 20 years ago. I know he loves hearing again.


Micro Tech Triumph RIC 312- Love It!


Linda M.


Find out more about the Hemet office here: https://starkeyhearcare.com/hearing-aids/richardson-quality-hearing-aid-center-hemet/

4 Oct 2012
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Mesa Arizona Hearing Aid Testimonial

I am so happy to be able to make a statement regarding my experience with Starkey HearCare in Mesa, Arizona.
It is not easy to accept that you need to have hearing aides. However, the very first time I stepped into the office
and was greeted by Jacque Ross I felt at ease. Jacque must have been born with a smile and cheerful attitude
because she is such a bubbly energetic person that loves to put the patients at ease and we all walk out with a
big smile on our faces as well. I wish there were more people like Jacque in all medical offices and wherever
the public is involved. It would make for a more pleasant society.


Thank you so much Jacque for all your personal assistance in all that matters to me. I always tell people how much
fun it is to go to my hearing aid office….they are always so surprised to hear. We live up in Fountain Hills but would
not ever change going to the Mesa office for anything to do with my hearing aides. So……Jacque is a prize for all.


Raymond P.
Fountain HIlls, AZ

26 Sep 2012
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Mesa, AZ Hearing Aid Testimonial

I want to tell you about my experience in Statewide Hearing Centers 319 S. Power, Mesa.


I found everybody wonderful and helpful.


Jacque Ross asked me to send this survey and I’m happy to do so because she was more than helpful. This was my first experience with a hearing aid and I needed extra instruction, answers to my myriad questions and, most importantly, reassurance. I assume you know how had it is to come to the understanding of the need. I’m still denying it but Jacque was so helpful and explained how she has lived very well with her hearing aids that I can see how I will come to that also. Jacque is friendly, courteous, knowledgeable, putting me at my ease.


I will refer others to your office, Mike and his son were both helpful also and I expect to be happy with my new hearing aids.


Marjorie C.
Mesa, AZ


Contact the office here:  https://starkeyhearcare.com/hearing-aids/abbott-hearing-center-mesa/

24 Aug 2012

Mesa Hearing Aid Testimonial

I recently had the opportunity to visit your Location @ 309 S. Power Rd. in Mesa Arizona; it was a very enlightining experience, I learned things about my hearing aids that I was totally unaware of. It was one of the best customer service experiences I have had for many years. Your employee Jacque Ross at this location is far and away one of the best I have dealt with in a long time. All my question and issues were dealt with in a very courteous and professional manner. She is a true asset for your company. And based on the experiences I had with her and this location; I will be recommending them to any people whom I know who have hearing issues.


Bill M.
Tolleson, AZ


Find more information here: http://statewidehearingmesa.com/

8 Aug 2012
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Lakewood Hearing Aid Testimonial


I want to thank you for all the great services you and Affordable Hearing Centers have provided for the past few years. As a business owner myself, I have a great appreciation for the customer satisfaction levels Affordable provides. The high quality of care you give your patients is superb.

I must note. Being able to drop in as it fits my busy schedule and get the prompt service provided is unbelievable. And may I say. I love being treated as if I were a family member of Affordable. The standards your company has in place would be hard to improve on. Affordable Hearing Centers is in my opinion, the perfect business model.


In my business I am in constant communication with public.
Without the EXCELLENT hearing aids you recommended and have fine tuned to perfection. I might be doing other less desirable things with my career. I can honestly say.
“My hearing aids have paid for themselves.”


Please accept this letter as my way of saying thank you.


Rock C.
Lakewood, CO