1 Aug 2012
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Springfield Missouri Hearing Aid Testimonial

I would like to take a minute to write a note about the people at Audiology and Hearing Center.


I am a mother of a young, professional, college-student daughter that happens to be hearing impaired. She has worn hearing aids since she was about 5 years old, and has had three pairs prior to the ones she just got at AHC. Not one time has she been more pleased with them. She has had an audiologist and an Ear Nose and Throat doctor the entire time; however she never had Joseph Wilson, Louise, and the wonderful people that work at and are affiliated with this business. She was at the point where she no longer wanted to wear her hearing aids and had just decided to be hearing impaired. Mr. Joseph Wilson has gone so far out of his way taking care of her that it is both unexpected and so much appreciated. At a time when it’s all about insurance companies, price, and just being a name on a piece of paper, it is not that way with AHC. We feel as though they completely care about our daughter and her future, and care about us as people and friends. I honestly felt like when they fitted her with her new hearing aids, that they felt as rewarded as she did. Had it not been for Mr. Wilson, the people at this office, those that lead her to them and our Father above she would not have these wonderful, brand new, top of the line hearing aids, and the care that we know she is going to continue to receive from them.


Mrs. L.
Springfield, MO


Check out this office here: https://starkeyhearcare.com/hearing-aids/audiology-and-hearing-center-springfield/

30 Jul 2012
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West Hartford Hearing Aid Testimonial

Since acquiring my hearing aids about two and a half years ago, my friends, family, and several people with whom I work have told me what a difference it makes. They have commented that I respond better to questions, whereas before (without the hearing aids) “it was clear [I] didn’t know, or didn’t hear, what was being asked”.


In noisy situations, such as in crowds or with lots of background noise, while wearing the hearing aids I now not only hear much better than I did before, but am often able to discern what is being said better than people with no hearing impairment. The hearing aids have really improved my ability to interact and I no longer “know” that I won’t be able to hear anything that’s being said in a crowded room.


David O.
Plainville, CT


Find out more about the West Hartford office here

27 Jul 2012
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Springfield Missouri Hearing Aid Testimonial

Switching over to Audiology & Hearing Center of Springfield, Missouri is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The experience I had is one I will never forget. As an Elementary Education major at Evangel University, I knew I needed a pair of aids to help me succeed in college and as a teacher when I graduate. Luckily, my department chair recommended a dear friend, Joseph Wilson, at Audiology & Hearing Center. I decided that this practice was best for me and I switched over from a well-known hospital practice.


With the assistance of Joseph Wilson and the team at Audiology & Hearing Center, I now have an amazing new pair of hearing aids. The hearing aids, Audibel Range Platinum, hands-down, are the best. Immediately during fitting, I picked up on sounds I have never noticed before. I have always known that things like birds and soft rain make their own particular sounds but I have never heard them myself until now. Hearing the smacking of Mr. Wilson’s hands, the soft tapping of rain, and picking up on hard-to-hear phonetics is amazing. The one sound that really surprised me was the crystal-clear sounds of birds chirping, and what a beautiful sound that is!


I am so amazed by the sounds I notice with my new pair of hearing aids. There are no words to describe how thankful I am for all of the hard work Joseph Wilson and the Audiology & Hearing Center have dedicated to assisting me. I am truly blessed for my new hearing aids. I know that Joseph Wilson and Audiology & Hearing Center has played a huge part in helping me shape a successful future.


Casey L.
Springfield, MO


Find out more about this office here: https://starkeyhearcare.com/hearing-aids/audiology-and-hearing-center-springfield/

24 Jul 2012
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Littleton Colorado Hearing Aid Testimonial

Two years ago I started the search for hearing aids. My first visit was to my ENT’s office where they assured me they could help… after numerous visits and experimentation with a variety of hearing aid brands, I still was without a device that worked for me. I visited two more companies that carried well known brands, and was frustrated that, once again neither was able to provide me with the good hearing I hoped for.


A month later, I saw an ad in a newspaper for Hearite, and one was a location not far from my home. I called, made an appointment, and several days later met Joann Dunn. She amazed me with her patience, knowledge, and assurance that she would work with me until we found the perfect fit. She did just that, trying all possible types… sending me home to try them in restaurants, concert halls, movie theaters, sporting event and, yes, even in my own home in from of the television. Finally, I was ready to purchase what have become know as “My hearing Buds”. I love them! I can really hear again!


My young Grandson, who has a hearing loss from chemotherapy treatment, told me to “Get the pink ones Grandma, because you’re a girl!” He has blue ones! (I got bronze ones!)


Every day I thank my good fortune that I found Joann… I encourage my friends who have given up trying to find hearing aids that work, to call Joann, and try again… some have and have been as fortunate as I.


This letter is completely unsolicited. I asked Joann for your address because I want Hearite to know what a wonderful, caring and compassionate woman that she is… and I’m sure you already know that!


Mona C.
Centennial, CO


Contact The Hearite Littleton Office for your hearing test today: https://starkeyhearcare.com/hearing-aids/hearrite-littleton/

9 Jul 2012
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Caldwell, NJ Hearing Aid Testimonial

I want to thank Keri Ruf and Kristy Madsen they were extremely helpful. They did all that anyone could expect from a good team. Now about the hearing aids, remote and the media Surf Link. The greatest things GOD could have given me. .I say GOD because he gave a group of people the brain to create something for the less fortunate ( as far as hearing is concerned).


I have a very time hearing and most of all understanding what people are saying. I really shouldn’t put it in the present tense. Now I hear WONDERFULLY and when my grandchildren talk I just turn up the volume on the remote and can hear them just fine. The same with the TV Surf Link. My husband alway wondered why I could never sit still during a show or movie, it was because I always felt left out because I couldn’t unerstand the words, and would become very bored. Even as a child listening to music I always felt left out because I couldn’t unerstand the words. I couldn’t sing along with the other children which made me very sad. Now I can and now I play the oldies and know the words and it’s great to sing along.


The last marvel is the caption call phone. So many times I just say I don’t understand what people want now I can just look at the words and feel strong about using the phone. I never did before. I cry tears of joy now and want to say THANKS again to all the people involved in creating this miracle. It is worth every penny to me.


Caldwell, NJ

6 Jul 2012
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Fort Lauderdale Hearing Aid Testimonial

Dear Dr. Heckroodt:


I want to thank you for being able to hear again. For many years my wife (who herself is an audiologist!) told me that she believed that I was suffering from hearing loss, particularly in the high pitch range. Her guess was that I had suffered nerve damage from rifle fire during my military service in the Korean Conflict. Dutifully, I went through hearing tests which confirmed that fact but was always told that there existed no hearing device that could remedy my particular problem. I was told the same by otolaryngolists. My wife was not convinced that these prognoses were accurate and scoured her resources to find a reputable, reliable provider. She found HearFlorida and made an appointment for me nearly two years ago.


It was my great fortune to meet and be evaluated by you. Mutually, we determined that I required top of the line Oticon hearing aids because my activities required me to lead group discussions and participate in other group activities that demanded that I hear clearly and accurately. Several sessions, in which my particular problems were “tweaked,” followed and I could not bear to be without my hearing aids now.


In addition, your lovely, kind and patient understanding of someone of my advanced age always made my visits a joy!
Please feel free to use these comments as a testimonial to you and to HearFlorida.


Martin Margulies



Find out more about the Fort Lauderdale Office here: https://starkeyhearcare.com/hearing-aids/hearflorida-fort-lauderdale/

3 Jun 2012
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Ames Hearing Aid Testimonial

As my hearing became a problem I withdrew from friends and group meetings, even family. I decided to try hearing aids. Hearing Unlimited has answered my needs. I can hear the birds sing, talk on the telephone, hear the TV and visit. Hearing Unlimited is wonderful. I am so grateful.


M. Hoschouer
Ames, IA