1 Jun 2012
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Ankeny Hearing Aid Testimonial

I couldn’t hear my granddaughters talk to me when we were in the car, now I can. I had to have the TV turned up real loud and it was too much for others. Now I don’t have it up loud and I have a TV mode in my hearing aids. At the movies I missed a lot because I couldn’t hear, now I can. I love my hearing aids, I only wish I got them many years ago.


P. Martin
Ankeny, IA

30 May 2012
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Portland Oregon Hearing Aid Testimonial

I first heard of AAH when I saw it on the back page of the A & E section of ” The Oregonian”. Met with Allen Krebs and had my hearing tested. I found Allen to be extremely knowledgeable AND very understanding about my hearing loss. After I got my hearing aids I found that I could hear and understand much more than I had before. As a singer I was missing hearing the high notes on the organ before. Now I feel more confident about that. The hearing aid has 3 different levels for various situations, which has been invaluable, especially when I go to the movies. If anyone I know is thinking of getting their hearing tested, I would definitely refer them to AAH. Their follow up is excellent. I go in every 3 months to check my hearing at no cost. The most important thing to know about AAH is their caring, compassion and knowledge of the hearing-impaired. They are the best!


Joan C.
Portland, OR

26 May 2012
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Huxley Hearing Aid Testimonial

The difference hearing aids have made in my life are tremendous! My wife and children told me for over two years that I needed hearing assistance. I finally gave in and found out I should have listened because the aids have been a tremendous positive impact in my life. I can hear the pastor much better, the singing in church choir is easier when I can hear the director, and I love listening to the grandchildren in the school concerts. Even the over 100 basketball games I attended last winter were more enjoyable because I could hear the announcer better! And last, but not least, I can even enjoy the sounds of birds chirping, the microwave buzz and those little sounds that I did not hear before.


D. Primmer
Huxley, IA

25 May 2012
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Webster City Hearing Aid Testimonial

Music has been a major part of my life for as long as I can remember. Several years ago I was practicing on the pipe organ in the church where I played for services. The piece I was playing called for a 2’ flute (high range) stop, and I was playing on keys in the high register. I could not hear what I was playing. I went downstairs to get someone to listen, to see if something was wrong with the organ – and that person heard what I was playing. So it was not the pipe organ at fault, it was my ears! I scheduled a hearing test at Hearing Unlimited and received my first pair of hearing aids a couple of weeks later. What a blessing! I am now on my second pair and I can hear things that are so important to me! My audiologist tells me that these hearing aids will last me for a long time, as they can be adjusted to my needs. I’m so thankful I can be a part of the world of sound!


S. Culbertson
Webster City, IA

21 May 2012
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Orange Park Florida Hearing Aid Testimonial

Dear Sirs,


I am writing to let you know about one of your “Hearing Aid Specialist”, Kelly Betz.


I have been wearing hearing aids for over 40 years. And have been to many hearing aid people & Dr’s. I have been seeing Kelly Betz for about nine months. Mr. Betz is the most kind, caring & compassionate “Hearing Aid Specialist” & gentleman that I have ever been to, (also his associate Sherri).


I have a very severe hearing problem & Mr. Betz is a very knowledgeable specialist that I have ever been to (including EENT Dr’s).


I would like to THANK YOU for hiring such a wonderful “Gentleman & Lady” to represent your Company.


Yours Truly,
LaMar G.
Orange Park, FL

21 May 2012
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Ankeny Hearing Aid Testimonial

I have had Hearing Aids since I was about 4 years old. I am now almost 30. I can’t imagine my life without them. I wouldn’t have been able to hear my son’s first words two year ago or anytime he asks me a question. I would be a totally different person without my hearing aids. I recently got new hearing aids last August or so and they have made a tremendous improvement. Hearing Unlimited in Ankeny, IA were so helpful in selecting the right ones for me.


J. Hanson
Ankeny, IA

20 May 2012

Cedar Falls Hearing Aid Testimonial

“What did you say?” I don’t have to use that phrase when I am out shopping, at church, concerts, movies, book discussions groups, plays, chatting with friends over a cup of coffee or any other social event. I carry fresh hearing aid batteries for my hearing aid in my purse when ever I leave the house. I am addicted to hearing better at all times.
Life is good!


J. Focht
Cedar Falls, IA