Upcoming Hearing Aid Mission Set for August 16th- at the Hear for You Office in Amsterdam, NY:

On August 16th, the Hear for You office in Amsterdam, NY, part of the Starkey HearCare Network, along with the Amsterdam Rotary Club and the Broadalbin-Perth Lions Club, will be hosting a hearing mission. The event is set to take place at the High Rollers Skate and Fun Center in Amsterdam, New York.

This hearing mission will provide free hearing aids to individuals who are in need of them. Andrew Roth, a licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist at Hear for You, said that this program is created for those who need a hearing aid but cannot afford it.

The perfect candidate for this mission is an individual who works at a minimum wage level, but after paying all of their bills and expenses, does not have enough money to afford hearing aids. The income limits for the program are: $21,589 for a one-person family, $29,100 for a two-person family, $36,611 for a three-person family, $44,122 for a four-person family, and $51,633 for a five-person family.

The individuals who will be receiving the aid do not have Medicaid nor have benefits that cover hearing aids.

The idea for this program came to Roth after attending a hearing mission in Peru last year. Roth teamed up with the Amsterdam Rotary Club and the Broadalbin-Perth Lions Club because he knew they were organizations that can reach individuals who may need the aid.

While this is the first year of the program, so far seven individuals have signed up and will be fit for a hearing aid on August 16. The hearing aids were donated to the Hear for You office by patients.

Before attending the event, these individuals need to come in for visual inspections of the ear and amplifications. The staff will be donating their time to make this mission possible.

If you would like a free hearing screening at Hear for You, or to access more information on the office, click here.

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