Vernon, CT Hearing Aid Testimonial

Dear Shannon,


Thank you so much for introducing and recommending the Starkey Wi-Series (ITE) hearing aids. They are absolutely remarkable! My husband and I cannot believe how my hearing has improved. When at a meeting, I can actually hear what everyone says instead of asking, “What did they say?” While listening to the TV on Food Network, I heard an noise and thought, “What was that”? When I looked up I saw the Chef opening up a cellophane package. To me, this ability is just remarkable and beyond my expectations.


The Surflink TV device is also such and improvement over my TV Ears. I can listen to TV and increase or decrease the volume without disturbing my husband. We can carry on a conversation now without having to take off the TV Ears.


Again, thank you for your expertise, but also for your compassion and truly caring.


Phyllis H., Vernon, CT

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